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As a kid, I used to collect key-chains. I still have over 50-60 of them tucked away in one box which I have not opened since last 5-6 years. Yesterday I got angry at my 6 year old daughter. When I cooled down, I suddenly remembered a keychain I had bought from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India. I was about 12 years old at that time.

What’s so special about this very old key-chain? Well, the keychain contains a small story. It’s one of the most unique key chains I’ve ever had. Without much ado, the story follows …. Continue reading

Where the mind is without “Peace” …..

“PEACE of MIND” ….. seems we’ve left far behind;
Can’t find it in my hind(sight); May have lost it, in my Mind.
The world is growing, life so fast,
in the attempt to measure SPACE so Vast;
Wonder, when did I stop counting stars, last?
Lost the track & the stars too, in the sky so overcast (Pollution).

We are humans with a little heart & a little mind, which leaves all other species behind;
Once, We could boast for the heart which could feel & the mind which could create; coloring world so Pink.
Today though, Mind still creates, but the noise of destruction makes our hearts Sink.

Man today, needs a bigger space to live within, thus are eye-ing Mars, sitting on the Moon;
The greed for one more home, away from home; would call it a “CURSE” not a “BOON”.

In our Motherland (India):
Family, culture, tradition & values; still are being hold the Highest;
(over)ambition of building walls away from our corners; have seen the fall of the Mightiest.

Let our parents be the Earth & we be the Moon around them;

Our Children be the stars; shining & smiling, all around us;
With the sky so clear & hearts so near; we don’t need Jupiters any more;
Let we be the world & not the world for us.

At last, I found the PEACE in my mind; within the FRIENDS so close & kind;
Let’s stop the chase of Rat & Mouse; and make a “HOME” out of our “HOUSE”.