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The first CRUSH !!

“Relationships………….. Crush, infatuation, attraction…….!!!!”

As mentioned in my first article on “Relationships” (refer # my blog posting of 7th May’2010); there are different facets of the phenomenon called “Relationships”. Like Liquid it doesn’t have a specific color or shape. It keeps molding itself into different dimensions depending on the subject vessel.
I personally feel & believe, that the first ever self realization of existence of relationship is –
“the crush, the infatuation, the attraction…. towards somebody”.
Although, as soon as we step into this world, we, by default, establish many relationships –theoretically. Such as that of the son, the daughter, the mom, the dad, the brother, the sister… so on & so forth. But these relationships are not the self-realization within us. They r there, we believe, because they are suppose to be. (In a way, we can say, we take those connections as granted.).
But, the first ever pull, the very first awareness about really getting connected with somebody, somehow; is the first realization of giving name & dimension to the phenomena. This is that phase of our upbringing during which, unwarned, we get ourselves attracted towards a particular personality. Just a smile or the looks, few words or actions, intelligence, smart appearances, talent……… can be anything. But the truth is, it does excites & imbalances the physiological balance within us. This may be the time, we start understanding “what does skipping a heart beat means ?”. This may be the time that we feel a strong urge of being with that person most of the time, keep thinking about him/her or just keep looking, staring at them. In any case, we realize that, we are into the process of establishing “a Relationship”.
This facet of relationship, radiates the glow of innocence & sweetness of kind. It’s a relationship one feels he or she is into, but without being actually bothered or limited by any real time commitment, promises & vows.
It just exists.
It just blossoms.
It just shines.
It makes the heart happy.
It doesn’t seek any endorsement.
It’s just felt.
It’s the only type of relationship in which one feels so much related to the other person, without actually being related at all.
I feel, this experience of life, is the foundation of every other relationships we build during our journey of life. This is true, as it helps one understand the “why” of a relationship. It makes us aware about the changes we go through, the different moods we emote, the peculiar kind of acts and the responses we react with.
One interesting thing about this part of a relationship is , that it’s not only the first ever self realization of a relationship, but it keeps up with the age & gets cornered in the heart and keeps surfacing with the same fresh intensity & urge, at times, irrespective of a person’s biological clock. Implies, that this facet of relationship never gets old enough to be just stored as “memory”. It remains ever fresh & ever vulnerable.
However strongly we live on or manage our important relationships in life, this face of the relationship remains as innocent & as sweet as ever. It keeps popping up every now and then, irrespective of however strongly willed a person may be….
Hope this brings smiles to your lips and helps you to remember those lovely first time crushes………!!



Few days back , somewhere in mid-April, I had posted a couple of lines on FB on “Relationships”…
Relationships !!…… They are the most simplest to live on with, but are the most complicated to manage with.
Just a few vague thoughts , emerged , converted into words & posted…..but with clear intention of expanding my views on the subject, my way in the days to come…..And here I am, sincerely trying to unfold “relationships” – its extremities ; the most simplest & the most complex character of the word in all its means.
The experience is such a happening, which has a very different and unique receptivity proportion by different people. Say, if I share my specific experiences , they need not necessarily be approved, accepted, understood or followed by others. But with as many point of views as possible & with as many angles, a particular experience, if be covered, may have people looking up with more receptivity.
I always had an interesting appetite, a hobby, an inclination to study & understand, the “action/reaction” pattern of various human beings under different conditions, circumstances; whom I usually come in contact with, may it be a casual acquaintance or some business or social association. This keen observation always helped me connect myself to that person in a way, which invariably got established as a unique comfort zone for both the subjects.
During the course of my journey through my life, I consider myself, quite fortunate to come in contact with different kind of people, having distinct & interesting personalities, associating with whom, have added so many important chapters in my life’s pages, as most memorable of the experiences.
The important thing is, how did we all relate to each other ? How could I relate myself , to them; with them; at different stages of my life & vice versa. Every relationships have a beautiful beginning & a very eventful journey. (“eventful implies – both good & bad experiences”). Its important to understand and learn, how relationships survive under adverse situations and unfavorable circumstances. Few survive. Few perish. But in any case, all of them do learn & have their own unique experience. They get wiser.
In the next few weeks, I would like to put in my understandings & evaluated knowledge about different relationships we establish, how we begin & move on with them. I would also like to draw out the different frequencies of emotions we go through in the process of living out that relationship.
It may surely bring smiles to many a lips & frown on many a faces; but shall appreciate, if they r being taken, considered as generalized as possible. There is no intention of directing the facts, but just a plain innocent release from the clutches of the mind & the heart. It surely feels good when we release few of our emotions with a complete freedom without being dominatised & threatened by our heart & mind……

Dreamz fulfilled

Dreamz fulfilled – back to the “present”……

Dreamz fulfilled – back to the “present”…….
Finally, it’s time to “return”, move on again, to boot up for the race……..…
After an extremely nostalgic experience of past seven days in Kolkata, its time to climb up again and merge into the stark realities of the present. The stay of a week in Kolkata, brought back wonderful memories of the gone times and I feel fortunate & obliged to be able to claim the share of my space with the “History”.
Its correctly depicted, that,
“If you passionately apply your energy in the pursuit to fulfill your inner most desires & dreams, the entire universe conspires against you, to enable you to reach & attain your destiny”.
This stands & applies so true to my current experience of Kolkata visit. Few months back and may be since very long in my heart & mind, I carried a dream to re-live few moments of my past, in an exact manner, the way it used to be in those times – quarter of a century back. And I have always believed that if you want to flip back “those pages” of your life, its just not going to be enough to date back your watch and try to revise in-within your mind.
If it’s a “re-visit”, it has to be a “re-living” of those moments all over again.
“Sarswati Puja” – worshipping the Goddess of Knowledge & wisdom – was one of those consistent practice during my school & college days in Kolkata. It still is a very important calendar event as well as the event of extreme belief and significance for the people here. The performing of this Puja, holds a special place in the heart of all our friends in Kolkata. And if you ever got a chance to closely study & understand the people from Kolkata, would agree that they are highly sensitive, sentimental & are deeply enrooted by values in their respective cultures and traditions. Myself, being one, connected strongly to these roots, nurtured a dream to again celebrate this festival & perform the puja in all its virtue, holiness & importance. The visit to Kolkata was purely going to be wholly influenced by this reason. But, destiny had some other plans designed for me. For some practical & un-manageable reasons & circumstances, we friends, couldn’t perform the puja & it surely was a griefing realization for me. But as earlier mentioned, the energy which was being imparted and directed towards the pursuit of this dream got transformed into much bigger opportunity and cause.
The official launch of “MITRA” – a concept, a cause, a project; which was being parallely envisioned by few of us school batch mates of the year 1987., got its final shape & meaning and consequently was decided to floor its launch on very much the same day of “Sarswati Puja” ; the 20th of Jan’2010.

The main idea , motto & principle behind its launch, being, providing all important education to the students from the families facing financial constraints. It’s designed to give equal opportunity to those students & enable them to represent the common platform of action, along with other more privileged students.
After a very successful launch, I feel obliged, privileged & proud, being given an opportunity to share & express my vision and thoughts in my words in front of my ex-teachers, ex-students & batch mates. I strongly feel that the energy which I could impart & provide to enhance the momentum of this project would surely work its way into effective output.
We have a wonderful able team which is strongly committed to direct, guide & sustain the vision of this cause in Kolkata. I hope & pray, that together, may we be able to create a miracle out of this small but significant application for a big cause.
I deeply feel that my dream of performing the puja, gave me a real chance, in real sense to worship and share the knowledge & wisdom gathered through, over the years.
I, now feel my presence in Kolkata fully justified and my dream fulfilled.

Journey to Kolkata…..16th-17th’January-2010

Journey to Kolkata……16th & 17th January’2010

Journey to Kolkata….16th & 17th January’2010….
Kolkata, the name, the place, the people, the living, the reveries has always been and remains an integral part of my world., my life., my existence.
This time, purposely, I wanted to take my own time to travel & approach, this city close to my heart. Frankly when I booked my “Duronto” train tickets, I had all the possible options to travel by air, the fares almost equal to my travel of 27hrs. journey by road. In fact, I wanted to relish the experience of traveling, this newly launched, Duronto, for its own valid reasons. The fastest non-stop train between Kolkata & Mumbai. The journey is being relayed from the train itself, while I just passed Kharagpur station at 5.1.5 pm on Sunday(17th Jan). It’s a further 100 minutes journey to Howrah station from here. From the first hour of boarding on 16th at 5.15 pm. from Mumbai CST, I am impressed by the look, the cleanliness & the service all throughout. Timely meals, polite and prompt services and fantastic ear pleasing instrumentals varying in different degrees from classical to Hindi oldies…
One of the other, in fact more pronounced reason of travelling by road, is that, my interaction with Kolkata is after a long gap of almost 25 months; more than two years. I wanted to get myself soaked into the process of getting merged with my city, before I actually have physical stepping on to its roads. The journey, in its entireity, gave me full feel of what’s in store for me for the next 8 days of my stay in Kolkata. Made good friends, visited few of my past years with couple of co-travellers, talked about schooling, high school, friends, as if the clock was back-set for me by almost 20 years., specially during this journey.
The journey gave me enough time for myself, to be with a couple of my favourite books allowing me to do full justice to the author’s intentions. I, always felt that, when we travel from one place to another by the fastest means, by air, its like watching a film on fast-forward track. Its like you have a time bound job to complete a movie and nothing better than but to watch it under fast-forward to save as much as the time as possible. The journey of 2000 kms + by train, allowed me to carry & savour the glimpses, the feel of every passing village, towns, cities coming on the way. Actually, few of the instances gave me the opportunity to live in few moments of their lives with them, merely staring, the way they went about with their work. Saw boys playing cricket on the fields , could see them diving into the small village side pond for their afternoon bath, few of them gathered under a tree for their Sunday afternoon meetings or just meeting few whom they can’t keep track with, during weekdays.
Besides above, the thoughts of few important events which I am going to catch up with, in the next 8 days, kept me occupied. I could re-wined the biological & historical clock in me and could count the steps climbed at different stages to reach to this height (which I personally feel is one of the most convenient times of my life). It’s been a good volume of “receiving” from all, be it from the family, the school, the friends, the teachers, the colleagues. Its surely, I feel, is a time to “give back” and “contribute” my bit for the well beings of people , community and society in general, which touched my life at every step by some means or the other and played a major role in my journey of life, all throughout.

“Sarswati Puja”, in Kolkata is one of the events of great importance in my life. We, friends, organized this puja for almost 7 to 8 years ( if I am not wrong on my chronological track) in the eighties. I owe my ability with words, speech & communication solely to the heartfelt prayers done during this puja. The 20th of January, Wednesday, during my current stay in Kolkata, we, friends are trying our best to re-organize this event at very much the same place and in very much the same way. Though we have some technical hindrances, but I am sincerely looking forward to pull this through. This being one of my most important reasons for being in Kolkata this time.
Secondly, and in fact quite fortunately, our “Gyan Prabodhini” project, being initiated by us – “Class of 1987 batch – J J Ajmera High School” is being launched on the same auspicious day of Sarswati Puja. Under this scheme of things we are going to support few students/families, who are financially not competent enough to carry the burden of studies and education within the existing income slabs. These students would be supported and allowed complete education with equal opportunities along with the rest. We are also looking for the few, the cream, at high school levels who seem to have promising ability to create a space for themselves in the higher technical studies. They would be given extra coaching and training (if having financial constraints) and would be allowed to get merged into main stream of competitive environment with equal opportunities. Now, as fortunate as I could get, we have a project launching on 20th which would give me full chance and opportunity to be in the thick of the things. Wow!! Couldn’t have asked for more.
Besides above, meeting old friends at your own old base, is like a feeling of coming back home to the roots. Thanks to my all friends there, who encouraged me to really make myself up for this trip and have lined up a good meet-up in the form of an overnight outing. I can hardly wait to get submerged into the warmth of my earlier days.
The first twenty two years of my life in Kolkata (then Calcutta) surely helped & prepared me to face the best and worst of the life to come. Though few of such things always came in unintentional, unplanned, surprised packages; but could unravel its importance in my scheme of things with each passing year of my life, away from Kolkata. I could not resist myself thanking and acknowledging each of the stepping stones which came across me during my earlier days of Kolkata. And undoubtedly, these stepping stones were highly instrumental in helping me to convert them into mile stones in my personal & professional life of the next 18 years in Mumbai, till as on now.
The only regret of the trip till now is the absence of “Rupa”. I would have felt a sense of completeness, if she could have had managed to join this trip with me, which is more of a journey full of nostalgia for me. Unfortunately for me & her too, she had her own valid reasons, preferences and prior commitments to be not able to join this trip. She too, certainly has a deep regret for not being able to make up. But she is going to be around (in my thoughts) in all my moments of great experience in Kolkata.

The Purpose

There are times in our lives, when few things don’t turn up the way we would like them to.
Few events are very sudden and not to that of our likings.
Few losses r unbearable and can never be compensated with anything else.

But then, there is a realisation, which is being given by THE GOD above…
He says: I sent you in this world as a completely detached individual with your own exclusive identity.

We have been sent here, in this universe, for a purpose.
The purpose to make full use of the years allotted to us.
The purpose to keep thinking & doing something, to make this world a better place to live, for the people who will come after us.
The purpose to be a support to the people who look towards us for help, love & care.
The purpose to devote our self to the good of every life which is around us and connected to us.
The purpose to gain & earn absolute knowledge whatever we can, by the way of learning from elders & gurus.

We have our own seperate identity. We meet beautiful, wonderful people in this journey of life.
On the way, either we leave them or they leave us. But the real purpose of our lives, should never be lost.
We have full right to cry and feel bad, but then there is a time, there is a moment; when we need to recollect ourselves, brush off our tears, look around, get up and get back to the job for which we are here.

The sooner we decide to gather up our own self, better its for our own life and also for people who are looking at us with great hopes.

Rains – Blessings from Heavenly Abode

Rains, Monsoon, Heavy showers…..these words, by themselves generate a big sigh of relief, sudden burst of excitement, enthusiasm from within oneself and the smiles and laughter, irrespective of the biological clock one is tuned to.

Actually every season, our country is blessed with, all are immense joy to be soaked into. Every season eventually reaches its zenith paving way to the next and simultaneously every life on the earth awaits the change with extreme passion, desire and urge.

The cold winter paves way for the flowery spring, the spring for the hot summer, the summer for the wet monsoon, the fall of autumn follows & then again back to the Winter.

The funniest part is, an irony as we say, we experience the peak in each of the above season and desperately wait for the next to follow for a relief, and the same goes on for every turn of the change.

Here, I select, monsoon to be my flavor of the time.

Of course, besides the most romantic season of the lot, the season is dreaded for its share of thunder showers with wild breeze, high tides, floods, landslides, tsunamis etc. But nevertheless, the season, as is, continue to remain the darling of every living being on the earth.

The hot & scorching summer, which precedes the rains, not only boils up the earth, but the fiery fire also raises the temperatures of the lives, above & beneath the mother earth.

The man of today’s, is already a much stressed up commodity with its share of hardships, responsibilities, commitments & expectations. He somehow tries in vain to keep creating a magic by juggling & balancing all his rings to garner what he wants the most, the attention. But eventually, keeps dropping one to save another and lands up crashing. Over & above, these disappointments, the extremities of heat outside his body fuels up the miseries.

And thus, when he sees passing clouds over his head, he rises in hope; when he feels few droplets of water on his body, his fingers stretches to feel the wet skin; when the fragrance radiates from the earth beneath signaling the arrival of the first rain, the cells of his nose enlivens, otherwise dead, to grab the sweetness of that fragrance.

He suddenly feels lighten up, as all the baggage of sorrows, miseries, anger, jealousy; seems to get dissolved under the pouring sky.

He feels ONE with everyone around him.

He starts loving every life, which shares the same joy as his, with every drop of rain on them.

He seems to be so relieved and freed to start looking at the sky, the bathed up buildings, the dancing leaves as if competing to take the most share of the blessings from above, the swinging branches & the smiling trees holding them, the children crazily jumping in the puddles, the rhythmic running of the people with the umbrellas, the small palms stretched out from the oversized raincoats of the school returning kids, trying to grab and store rain in their palms and feel it over their faces, the people running out of their houses, on the streets, to be a part of the heavenly sight, few elderly people sitting in their chairs of their balconies, getting smiles back on their faces, as if after years, the honking and screeching sound from the moving cars, with half shut window panes, non-working wiper blades, and drivers struggling to keep their glasses clean.

For few of the travelers, it’s like getting late to reach to their destinations and for the few, the world has suddenly come to a halt;

For few it’s to avoid getting dirty in the muddy puddles and rains, whereas for few, it feels like a medicinal rush, draining out all their diseases and sins;

For few it’s the moment to shed tears of sorrows behind the running waters from above and for few it’s crying in happiness behind the same waters;

Here, I am, from a distant window of my room, getting soaked into all these sights emerging in front of me.

I felt like, as if I know all these people.

As if I know what they are passing through, what they are going through.

I could relate myself fully to their part of joys and unhappiness. Their tears brought tears to my eyes and their smiles made those tears laugh.

And suddenly, It’s like, struck as a lightening thought.


This moment of utter exhilaration, the life of these emotions, is here just for a short time. Just for a while.

Then, for what are we here on this earth?

The seasons never miss their virtue of right timing & extreme intensity. They are utmost sincere to fulfill their part of the duties and rightly deliver what they are expected to.

With every passing of the seasons, our hairs are getting greyer, the skin is getting crumpled, the vision is getting blurrier, the hands and legs are getting weaker, the brain cells are getting degenerated.

We can’t be just staring as a mere spectator to these wonderful blessings.

We can’t just stand in utter dumbness & blinded to these giving.

In fact, we need to be an active part of this changing phenomenon. We need to be the change, ourselves. We need to help rekindle the lives around us.

Few of the lives around us are living dead. We don’t need to wait for any seasons or occasions to bring them to life. Let’s gather & store, a part of the attribute of every season, in our hearts and distribute the happiness and smiles to all, in all seasons.

It may be in the form of extending one’s hand to reach to the other.

..may be just a matter of sharing a little time together.

..may be just a matter of silent listening for a while.

..may be just a matter of crying together, laughing together, celebrating together.

With a cup of tea in my hand, my eyes staring out of my window & my mind experiencing an absolute silence in the noisy surroundings, I suddenly felt the soft touch on my shoulder. I could feel warm wetness on my shirt, only to turn back and astonished to find my childhood friend, moved away from each other years back, standing there with his arms stretched in a rare combination of smiles and tears in his eyes.

I was overwhelmed, in awe with strange excitement & pounding heart beats. All the emotions experienced in the past few moments came rushing to the fore. With the tears in my eyes, I stretched my arms to hug him tight, so as never to be parted again and just in time, with a loud thunder & thud, heavy rains started pouring again.

And there, both of us rushed back towards my window, stretching our hands out and laughed at each other, as if, this moment of pouring rains, enlivened all the memories of our times together. 🙂

Let’s not let our Dreams die ……

Let’s not let our dreams die…

The History has witnessed, turning of years into decades & decades into centuries. But the speed, the pace with which we are witnessing the passing of the time since the beginning of 21st Century, has never ever been experienced before. It’s like, harder we try to grab it, hold it; faster it slips out of our hand.

Somehow, I personally feel, we have been blessed because of the slot of time frame of life allotted to us to play our part, to be able to enact our role & contribute our bit in the vast ocean of time, whose every passing moment adds to the wealth of History. It somehow does mark & carries a significance & stamps an everlasting impression in the form of “My Life”; which of course is unique in its own way & doesn’t carry any similarity or comparisons, what so ever, with any other breathing soul above the earth & below the sky.

The “experiences” are generally “Grey” in its expression.  It’s these shades of Grey which adds richness & beauty to every unit of time an experience in made of, making it a moment to treasure & cherish for.

Amongst us, who share the same platform of time frame, having lived out four decades of our journey, would most certainly agree to have seen more of what life had to offer, in its all possible colors, in its most versatile form.  I somehow have always believed that we are the passengers passing through the tunnel of transition. It is in this journey through the transition, we have experienced & continue to experience, the demands & expectations being raised & pressed, to be responded to, to be fulfilled, to be lived up to, to be met with. It is during this journey, we were & are expected to hold, respect & support, which quite efficiently we have, the two generations above & two below us. If one sees through our times, carefully having a re-look on every growing year, may infer, that it was during these times in the near history the seeds in the form of stress on education, to perform, to compete, to prove got implanted. Yes it’s true that most of us, in our times, may not have had a clear vision , a well cut out goal, the idea, the plan to implement & execute; but were surely had got tuned into the race mode. Due to narrow outlook of & within the society in existence during those times, lack of awareness beyond one’s own world & deprivation of the global touch, the best which was expected from & out of us, was to get hold of a decently paid job, to inherit the family business, if any, or else were expected to do something worthwhile which would result in optimum use of our time & energy and help us make reasonable earning. Due to limited resources and limited access to the world beyond, the thinking outside the box never happened. We started believing in working harder and the word “success” got quite easily & conveniently tagged to that with earning bucks. Again, with no offence to our generations above, most of us got used to the mediocrity of life. Not that we were not reading about the world of dreams outside the wall of our well protected home, not that we did not dream about those dreams, but we couldn’t leave or bet on our atmosphere of convenience, to grow beyond. We did have talent, we did have loads of creativity, we did have wings of imagination to fly with, but what we lacked was a long term, well crafted, well guided road map, to be able to have watered these plants into a fully grown tree.

Fortunately, in the world, less demanding, most of us got settled into our respective lives, trying to balance out every aspect of being a responsible citizen, a responsible human.

But somewhere down within, we always carried the light of unfinished dreams. We never missed an opportunity to re-live those dreams with our eyes closed. Little did we know & anticipate the speed of passing times. And the rapidly changing times with increasingly clearer global view, struck a realization of having missed few of the opportunities, few precious years, of our times, by not able to risk our comfort zones.

By then we already had the gen-next, our children, the young brigade gazing towards us, being responsible for them. This did not seem like the time for us to turn back, trying to run in the pursuit to achieve & grab those unfinished dreams, to fulfill. Not only are we responsible & accountable towards our present duties but are also expected to be the architect of the life of our children, whom we wouldn’t like to get imprisoned into a close restricted world. Well aware of this, we being not able to carry the weight of our own dreams & desires, and in order not to lose sight of them, put them onto the shoulders of our children, the Gen-Next. And here begins the conflict. The frustration of our under-achievement gets reflected in our expectations from our children. We fight our lives out, trying to make them convinced about what’s right & what’s wrong for them, purely from our point of view based on our experiences. We enter into debates & arguments, resulting in bitterness, for not being able to penetrate through the wall of resistance. Most of the times, what we perceive as a resistance, is merely, trying to dent into the wall of our own expectations. In being biased with our self view point, we fail to understand & touch their psyche. As I said earlier, everyone is unique in their own way, in the way one puts use of their senses to experience the world around them. No one can live the experience of the other and thus can’t feel the emotions attached to it with the same frequency, intensity & depth. Today’s generation have, in front of them, a pool of opportunities, choices & options to choose from. They have various medium of access to gather data, analyze them & put them into proper order & perspective to move towards their goal. Unlike us, they are sharper, with much clear goal & vision & have means to achieve the same. Unlike us, they not only dream with their eyes closed but chase them with their eyes open. They are uniquely talented & having high intelligent quotient. They don’t need to be compared with any other brains of their age. What needed is, to assure & ensure them that we are there, with them, for them, any time they need to turn to us for our love. Just this sense of security, belief in self & elevated level of self confidence would make them fly over oceans in their full strength, rhythm & harmony.

This mutual harmony would save you lots of your time & energy, at home & at work, to be able to pursue your desires & wishes justifying the notion that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life….”

The Social Death…..

In the early 90s’, the first time, Indian economy was left open to the masses. We can say, that was one of the first initiatives, by India government to step into the experience of much bigger, much profitable global markets. Till then, the first four and a half decades of Indian governance was mainly based on much restricted, much controlled business environment. The initiative to decontrol, let loose was of course welcome by one & all. The Indian manufacturing sector suddenly had an easy access to the global demand, and be a part & a contributor into the global economic system. And at the same time, the world raised its head to glance towards India as a much stronger and potentially dormant consumer & user of/for their products. The nation, of course took a few years to absorb & get used to the changed equations of the world markets. Along with the commerce & economics, it brought a radical change in the social configuration of Indian masses. The influx of foreign goods, technology and an easy access to adapt, use & consume, the lifestyle related goods, created a sense of awe, amusement & surprise in the Indian social circle. The financially blessed class could put their hands on the latest productions, almost at the same time with their foreign counterparts. Besides the obvious craze & adaptations, came the biggest revolution for the people of India in the form of CONNECTIVITY. It can be well claimed that the 2nd half of the decade of 90s’, made the world much smaller a space for us. It suddenly made the actual geographical distance seem to matter lesser & lesser. Yes, here we are talking about the freedom to get connected, liberalization of the telecommunication world, internet & world-wide-web. Though it made it’s late entry into India, was already a phenomenon, being made optimum use of, by developed economies of the West.

Now, leaving the last 2 decades behind us, let’s step into our todays’, the current times into the 2nd decade of 21st Century (2013). If we ask almost anybody in India, randomly, irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion, education, social class, financial standings; about their view point of last 20 years; would be sure to get an unanimous response in the form of various steep, extreme, sudden changes being experienced by one & all, in the last a decade or so., precisely in the last 5 years. Here we refer to the changes in the form of actually experiencing, in person, the Darwinism theory & principles of “Struggle for survival” & “Survival for the fittest”. The Indian economic system has experienced all the vulnerabilities which came with the liberalization, as a package. The recessionary phase became a more frequent cycle, instead of once upon a time story. But the biggest adversity which struck the nation, was the unexpected change in the lives of the people. Liberalization did bring a change in the technical aspect, but without the people being made ready to embrace the same. It was like too quick, too sudden. The mentality, the attitude, the acceptance, the understanding was too immature to touch, to feel the change through your hands. It went on like a slide-show which keeps you amused all throughout and not giving enough time to actually fix your senses & get attached to it. One needs to start from kindergarten & spend the next 10 years, under gradual, systematic, cumulative advance to reach to the first competitive level of Std- X. Here the Indian mass was exposed to & promoted much faster & thrown into the highly advanced times, with much less experience & maturity to actually deserve the stand. Along with it came the increased polarization of the people in every sense of the term.

Most of us, I believe, must have passed through the late night sweet stories from our parents & Grand-Parents about their times, where the words of virtue as “trust” , “security”, “hard-work”, “honesty”, “responsibility”, “adaptability” , “patience” ; always found repetitive mentions. But frankly, these mentions are getting rarer with every passing day, today. The trust is lost within families. Nobody can claim & feel fully secured. Hard-work is replaced by smart/quick work. Honesty doesn’t earn money. Nobody wants to take responsibilities on their shoulders and be accounted. Patience is the hardest thing to put into practice & thus adaptability has become a rare case model. The entire focus and efforts are being applied to earn more & more money & power to keep oneself an edge above all, to be happier, to feel more secured, and to maintain one’s social status. It’s not bad to earn money, more money; but the compromises being done & means to achieve the same has forced man to stoop to an embarrassing level. The principles & ethics are the matter being ridiculed and anybody referring to such terms is being considered a hypocrite.

The innocent, immature, ill-experienced mind of a 10-12 year old in the late 90s’ was exposed to the lure of mobile phones & internet. Suddenly the world for them became of multiple choices and dreams generated to achieve the same, at any cost. One morning, one day, and things changed for them. The simple rustic laid-back child, the emerging youth started dreaming of reaching to the moon. And at the same time, came the realization that it’s a race and he/she needs to be one of the front-liners to touch the winning line. The race is on. Winning at all cost attitudes is getting stronger. Compromises being done. Rules are broken. Short cuts being discovered & implemented.  The innocence of the childhood met SUDDEN death. The physical senses got exposed to the medium much faster & much deeper than actual inner elevation of thoughts, education, action & thus the wisdom. The medium of latest gadgets implanted in them the new level of desire, greed, dreams beyond the practical limits of nature. And the medium took complete control of their controlling system and made them increasingly non-sensitive towards much required social etiquettes, responsibilities & behaviors. And this, somehow, I believe resulted in frequent recent non-human incidents of suicides, rapes, killings. The fact that, the happenings like these are being considered at its peak, in recent times, shows the source , the root , around a decade and a half, when the innocent minds were infused with various forces and made vulnerable.

I consider the late 90s’ as the time, the tipping point, of the socially destructive phenomena which we all are experiencing today.

Friends, the science, the technology, the evolution is not bad. It’s a blessing for every living being on earth, if being used at the right time, with care & with respect to the nature around us. Before the changes are being applied to serve the mankind, why not the social system, the biggest beneficiary, be made aware, made educated, and made to understand the pros & the cons? Change is good. Change is welcomed. But the people, for whom the change is being brought about, should be the matter of subject on the first hand…..

The push-pull of life

In the journey of passing through the life, we are being lured with many temptations. Some good, some bad. There are times when you can’t judge what’s right & what’s wrong for you. You tend to move on with the flow, the pull of the events, the pull of the people around you. But as we know & understand, nothing lasts forever. The experiences you have passed through, the actions you have taken, the behaviour you have conducted; seem to be standing at crossroads with your own self. You regret  some , you embrace some , and you smile at some. The ones who create a sad feeling in within you are the ones which remain as ghost images and follow you like a shadow.

It’s important to release these threads, the bindings, by making truce with the people, the events, the actions attached with such emotions. Unless you can make yourself completely detached & feel pleasantly released, you may not experience & live your life with the same passion, zeal & strongly positive emotions. The only way to break out of such negative formations, is to enter into mutually pardonable situations & make peace with the people, events & actions; responsible for such formations.

The Rat Race

Every morning somewhere in a forest a deer wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows that it must run faster than the slowest deer or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether we are a lion or a deer. When the sun comes up, we better be running!

That is the life of most people in city life, especially in big cities. We must run, run fast or we will be run over by someone else running faster.

But is there no difference between us and these wild animals in a remote forest? Continue reading