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Where the mind is without “Peace” …..

“PEACE of MIND” ….. seems we’ve left far behind;
Can’t find it in my hind(sight); May have lost it, in my Mind.
The world is growing, life so fast,
in the attempt to measure SPACE so Vast;
Wonder, when did I stop counting stars, last?
Lost the track & the stars too, in the sky so overcast (Pollution).

We are humans with a little heart & a little mind, which leaves all other species behind;
Once, We could boast for the heart which could feel & the mind which could create; coloring world so Pink.
Today though, Mind still creates, but the noise of destruction makes our hearts Sink.

Man today, needs a bigger space to live within, thus are eye-ing Mars, sitting on the Moon;
The greed for one more home, away from home; would call it a “CURSE” not a “BOON”.

In our Motherland (India):
Family, culture, tradition & values; still are being hold the Highest;
(over)ambition of building walls away from our corners; have seen the fall of the Mightiest.

Let our parents be the Earth & we be the Moon around them;

Our Children be the stars; shining & smiling, all around us;
With the sky so clear & hearts so near; we don’t need Jupiters any more;
Let we be the world & not the world for us.

At last, I found the PEACE in my mind; within the FRIENDS so close & kind;
Let’s stop the chase of Rat & Mouse; and make a “HOME” out of our “HOUSE”.