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Switzerland – God’s own creation……A visit to Heaven

Its so true to know and understand, that everything in this world shall exist harmoniously , only & only if the process of “The Giving” – the returning, is maintained & continued as a proper nature cycle. The purpose of “being there”, “being existent”, “being for others” holds good, if honored with reciprocation.

Recently, last two weeks (29.4.2009 – 11.5.2009), I visited SWITZERLAND on family holidays. Lots have been said, lots have been read in the past, about this destination, SWITZERLAND. I, myself, since my childhood carried a dream to visit Europe, extensively, the way I would like it to be covered. Though not the whole of Europe, but have been able to realize a part of my dream by being able to see, feel, smell & experience the Swiss Alps, my own way.

The entire trip of near to a fortnight, I could feel myself searching to find words, express my extreme emotions, compose my thoughts, aligning myself to the heavenly experience… and trust me, could still never define and describe the eternal bliss being showered on me.

“Switzerland” – a place on earth, which is blessed with the extremities in the beautiful art created by the Supreme God Himself. In other words, the entire aura is nothing but an exceptional art of goodness, peace and beauty by The God, in His most pleasant mood.

The 10 nights / 11 days stay in Switzerland remains, one of my most wonderful experiences so far. The visit holds a very special corner in my heart, has made me pass through and experience multiple levels of joy, enjoyment & happiness. The moment, now, while I am trying to conjure up few of the feelings in words, on this page, I can still feel, see and am able to revisit these memories.

The first day, I saw myself, in the midst of the eternal beauty, surrounded by the lush green fields, as if , the “colour Green” is the emergence of this scene. The fields, at the point of merger with the feet of the mountains, seemed to be paying its respect by bowing down in front of the huge image covered all over with snow, as to confuse us about the difference in the literary words – white, snow & milk. It all seemed to be merging together and manifesting as a single word. The houses – needs a very special mention, as they stood as a perfect example of the nature disciplining itself. A perfect sketch by an artist on a piece of paper has been tempered with and the pieces picked up and placed in geometric discipline in the lush green fields. The wooden houses, a small farm attached to it with the fences, a few cattle moving inside & sweet rattling of the cowbells, all touching the seven notes to create a complete musical curve.

The paths, the roads, seemed to invite you to walk over them and getting the joy of every touch of your feet over them. The scientific explanation of & about the “atmosphere”, doesn’t seem to hold any significance what so ever. It’s the breeze, you would love to take in all inside, within you. It’s the smell, which would make your eyes shine and the lips smile. It’s the walk, which would make your legs to pursue you for an extra mile. It’s the touch, which would make your fingers to hold on to the each passing moment. And it’s the heart, which at last, laughs out loud, by looking at & understanding the synchronization of all the senses.

As we know & you certainly must have experienced yourself, that, when you are happy, you feel light. And the only reason behind this equation is, that additional weight of the elements of worries, pressures, deadlines and targets seem to vanish off, as if being scared to face the vast invasion of the serene waves being created in the mind. And this is the time when u suddenly feel that your mind is not talking any more. You feel that the extra noise in your mind is subsiding down. You can suddenly see yourself being able to focus, concentrate (the mere “to look” becomes “to see”). And this is what I exactly felt, when one fine evening, at Grindelwald, I was sitting in the terrace of our apartment, merely staring at the mountain in front of us, and the silver snow reflecting the only light of the moon falling over them.

Wow!!! What an experience!!!!

I could not just hear, but could listen to the sounds being generated all around me. The sound of the “silence”. I could suddenly feel myself being addressed to, by the nature God Himself.

He said, “Thanks for coming here and appreciating our presence. We have been always here since the ages and at many parts of the world in different forms. We, all of us, eagerly wait for you all to come here and share your small but fully devoted time with us. Talk to us, listen to us, smile with us. Forget about the other world, for few hours, which you have left far behind and share with us, your heart out. I know , there are so many things within your heart and mind, which you are eager to pour out, the way you would always want to, with your parents. I know that you are not happy from where you are coming from, and that’s your own self created world which is destructing the innocence of your real self.”

He said, “Unless you appreciate our presence around you and spend some time with us, the actual purpose of us ‘being here’ vanishes. We need your ‘Giving’, may it be in the form of a little time, a small attention or just a couple of moments of appreciative glances. Unless you ‘Give’ this to us, the time would come when we would be starved to death. Your ‘complete presence’  is our feeding. Please maintain this cycle and make us live for the ages to come. We don’t want to die a premature death and not being able to present ourselves to the generations to come.”

He also said, “It’s the Giving which nourishes a family, a community, a country and a complete generation. Always look for what you could give to your fellow life in such a way that it would make  both the lives happy. To ‘keep gathering’ is one part of the cycle which is unidirectional. When you want to have more, you need to give more. Create a space for more beautiful things in life, by sharing and giving up a part of your beautiful life ”.
Every word, I could absorb in every cells of my being. I had nothing to compare with, nothing to argue about. Nothing to reply to, nothing to question against.

I just listened & dipped myself into the awe of His silence explanation.