Dealing with a CRISIS (a part of life)

Dealing with a CRISIS (a part of life)

Our existence in this world vis-à-vis other co-existences is nothing beyond our part of the representation. We, as responsible citizen of the globe, try to contribute in and play our role in the manner, the best we can. Of course this presentation by us has innumerable influences and experiences attached to it, which eventually throws our personal perspective into the system.

Now the word “personal perspective” is significant.

If every “thinking” human being acts and reacts, with their own perspectives, there are bound to be conflict of interests, difference of opinions, acceptance and rejections, pros and cons, approvals and disregards, likes and dislikes etc..

Now the “crisis” we know about and usually pass through in life, is purely based on such conflicts of contrasts. This can be inner as well as outer. The experiences of the self within or the world outside.

I strongly believe that it’s very important to exactly know and understand the source of various crisis, we as living beings, experience during the journey of life.

As we talk about the journey of life, birth cycles, we step into the world with few of the connections (relationships) pre-fixed & assigned with our first breathe. These are that of mother and father, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters. It’s like the supreme energy (Almighty) above all so very well knows that we shall need few of them to fall back on, depend on, at various stages and phases of life.

And besides above, during the period of our growing up, we make more of such associations, based on and in line with our various activities and interests, may it be playing, schooling, work, hobbies and even sometimes based on no visible reasons, just a case of personality attractions and pull.

Simpler crisis, in today’s world, which I shall group under is that of, pertaining to education, career and finance; can be handled by various hands and may not need to be relied upon on any particular person or group.

In most cases, the parents, spouse, teachers and friends respectively can hold our hands and make us sail through difficult times.

There are crisis which are beyond anybody’s reach and control. Where in, in spite of so many well-wishers and helping hands, sometimes it keeps getting tougher and deeper, complex and critical.

I refer them as “Terminal crisis”.

From my experience, I believe, that the most intensifying factor which an individual goes through during the turbulent times is “The Fear”. The fear of the known as well as of the unknown. The fear of the present happenings in front of his eyes and the fear of anticipation of the worst for the future,

Now, the wonderful relationships which we have associated ourselves with are there to educate, guide and console us. It does feels extremely good. It does relieve us of some immediate pains and move our thoughts away from the source of crisis, but for a short period of time. It’s temporary.

And thus, the need to search for a permanent, sure shot option, the method and the way.

I have passed through a few of such times in life where I feared the worst. Couldn’t sleep for nights. Was under extreme mental stress and pressure. Every morning seemed torturous and nights monstrous. During these times, as I mentioned above, the wonderful people around did their possible best, with utmost care, tried bringing in best accessible wisdom ways within their limited expertize, ability and capacity. Thanks to all of them who stood by me, when I needed them the most. I love them all and promise to be there with them, when they need me.

But during these times, I underwent a small phase of “Self introspection”.

Ah! There I believe, I found the lasting solution for most of the crises. I learnt that out of any mess, I needed to see bigger purpose leading to bigger picture. The only way I could smile and focus more was by pushing away all the links which lead to negativity in my mind and try getting connected all the sources which would infuse newer, fresh, positive thoughts. And it’s so tricky that you are bound to bounce back towards negativity if you are not aware and alert. Every news whichever I read in the newspapers or through any other medium was leading to negative distressing thoughts. (As we all know, major percentage of news what we get our hand on is distressing for the health of our minds).

I tried connecting myself to the most original and natural phenomena.

To read good, to talk good, to listen good, to see good, to eat good and ultimately start generating good positive thoughts. No doubt, that this self-introspection was so very well supported by the family and friends. Their time to me was every bit appreciated and respected. But no one can keep clinging to one’s cause for 24×7 and there is that time slot where the only person with you, is only you. This is when I needed to counsel and strengthened myself gradually and steadily.

I learned one thing which I still happen to instantly put into effect during any unpleasant times if I come across in my day to day life. And that is “acceptance”. What I do first is to acknowledge and accept the problem as it is. This opens up my mind for further contemplation and it becomes easier to find ways.

May be what I mentioned as my experiences and learning, may not hold good for every one as there are times where an individual is facing a sort of terminal crisis. But friends, believe me, just by being a little bit more aware, accepting the crisis, and seeing the bigger purpose and picture behind it, can create wonders in our approach to the crisis and makes it little more convenient and easier to face it.

So, my fall back option under any crisis, would surely be the various sources of wisdom learning and experiences which would guide me, help me introspect and clears my mind for many other positive contemplation. This of course needs to be ably and compassionately supported by the near and dear ones who do and are ready to understand your state of body and mind.


By – Sanjay Jogani



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