Dreams of an 8 year old …

This incidence is over a year old. But I thought of sharing it today when I stumbled upon the poem in my Google Drive Docs.

A friend was looking for a poem in Hindi on “dreams” for her 8 year old daughter. It was a part of some school assignment. She came in our WhatsApp group for some help. It was then that I quickly scribbled up the following short poem from the perspective of a young little girl. It is in Hindi. So here it is followed by a line-by-line translation…

मैं सपने देखू खूब अनोखे
सारे हसते पर कुछ रोते

तितली, चिड़िया, मोर सब आये
आ के मुझे खूब हसाए

एक दिन आयी एक परी रानी
कहा गुडिया तू खूब सयानी

अपनी माँ में मुझे देखना
वोह तेरी सबसे अच्छी सहेली


I see a lot of interesting dreams.
Most of them make me happy but some make me sad too.

Butterflies, sparrows, peacocks and others come in my dreams.
They all make me laugh a lot.

One day a fairy came in my dreams.
She told me, “you are a very wise, doll”

“Consider your mom just like me,
She is your best friend”

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