Dreamz fulfilled

Dreamz fulfilled – back to the “present”……

Dreamz fulfilled – back to the “present”…….
Finally, it’s time to “return”, move on again, to boot up for the race……..…
After an extremely nostalgic experience of past seven days in Kolkata, its time to climb up again and merge into the stark realities of the present. The stay of a week in Kolkata, brought back wonderful memories of the gone times and I feel fortunate & obliged to be able to claim the share of my space with the “History”.
Its correctly depicted, that,
“If you passionately apply your energy in the pursuit to fulfill your inner most desires & dreams, the entire universe conspires against you, to enable you to reach & attain your destiny”.
This stands & applies so true to my current experience of Kolkata visit. Few months back and may be since very long in my heart & mind, I carried a dream to re-live few moments of my past, in an exact manner, the way it used to be in those times – quarter of a century back. And I have always believed that if you want to flip back “those pages” of your life, its just not going to be enough to date back your watch and try to revise in-within your mind.
If it’s a “re-visit”, it has to be a “re-living” of those moments all over again.
“Sarswati Puja” – worshipping the Goddess of Knowledge & wisdom – was one of those consistent practice during my school & college days in Kolkata. It still is a very important calendar event as well as the event of extreme belief and significance for the people here. The performing of this Puja, holds a special place in the heart of all our friends in Kolkata. And if you ever got a chance to closely study & understand the people from Kolkata, would agree that they are highly sensitive, sentimental & are deeply enrooted by values in their respective cultures and traditions. Myself, being one, connected strongly to these roots, nurtured a dream to again celebrate this festival & perform the puja in all its virtue, holiness & importance. The visit to Kolkata was purely going to be wholly influenced by this reason. But, destiny had some other plans designed for me. For some practical & un-manageable reasons & circumstances, we friends, couldn’t perform the puja & it surely was a griefing realization for me. But as earlier mentioned, the energy which was being imparted and directed towards the pursuit of this dream got transformed into much bigger opportunity and cause.
The official launch of “MITRA” – a concept, a cause, a project; which was being parallely envisioned by few of us school batch mates of the year 1987., got its final shape & meaning and consequently was decided to floor its launch on very much the same day of “Sarswati Puja” ; the 20th of Jan’2010.

The main idea , motto & principle behind its launch, being, providing all important education to the students from the families facing financial constraints. It’s designed to give equal opportunity to those students & enable them to represent the common platform of action, along with other more privileged students.
After a very successful launch, I feel obliged, privileged & proud, being given an opportunity to share & express my vision and thoughts in my words in front of my ex-teachers, ex-students & batch mates. I strongly feel that the energy which I could impart & provide to enhance the momentum of this project would surely work its way into effective output.
We have a wonderful able team which is strongly committed to direct, guide & sustain the vision of this cause in Kolkata. I hope & pray, that together, may we be able to create a miracle out of this small but significant application for a big cause.
I deeply feel that my dream of performing the puja, gave me a real chance, in real sense to worship and share the knowledge & wisdom gathered through, over the years.
I, now feel my presence in Kolkata fully justified and my dream fulfilled.

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