Let’s not let our Dreams die ……

Let’s not let our dreams die…

The History has witnessed, turning of years into decades & decades into centuries. But the speed, the pace with which we are witnessing the passing of the time since the beginning of 21st Century, has never ever been experienced before. It’s like, harder we try to grab it, hold it; faster it slips out of our hand.

Somehow, I personally feel, we have been blessed because of the slot of time frame of life allotted to us to play our part, to be able to enact our role & contribute our bit in the vast ocean of time, whose every passing moment adds to the wealth of History. It somehow does mark & carries a significance & stamps an everlasting impression in the form of “My Life”; which of course is unique in its own way & doesn’t carry any similarity or comparisons, what so ever, with any other breathing soul above the earth & below the sky.

The “experiences” are generally “Grey” in its expression.  It’s these shades of Grey which adds richness & beauty to every unit of time an experience in made of, making it a moment to treasure & cherish for.

Amongst us, who share the same platform of time frame, having lived out four decades of our journey, would most certainly agree to have seen more of what life had to offer, in its all possible colors, in its most versatile form.  I somehow have always believed that we are the passengers passing through the tunnel of transition. It is in this journey through the transition, we have experienced & continue to experience, the demands & expectations being raised & pressed, to be responded to, to be fulfilled, to be lived up to, to be met with. It is during this journey, we were & are expected to hold, respect & support, which quite efficiently we have, the two generations above & two below us. If one sees through our times, carefully having a re-look on every growing year, may infer, that it was during these times in the near history the seeds in the form of stress on education, to perform, to compete, to prove got implanted. Yes it’s true that most of us, in our times, may not have had a clear vision , a well cut out goal, the idea, the plan to implement & execute; but were surely had got tuned into the race mode. Due to narrow outlook of & within the society in existence during those times, lack of awareness beyond one’s own world & deprivation of the global touch, the best which was expected from & out of us, was to get hold of a decently paid job, to inherit the family business, if any, or else were expected to do something worthwhile which would result in optimum use of our time & energy and help us make reasonable earning. Due to limited resources and limited access to the world beyond, the thinking outside the box never happened. We started believing in working harder and the word “success” got quite easily & conveniently tagged to that with earning bucks. Again, with no offence to our generations above, most of us got used to the mediocrity of life. Not that we were not reading about the world of dreams outside the wall of our well protected home, not that we did not dream about those dreams, but we couldn’t leave or bet on our atmosphere of convenience, to grow beyond. We did have talent, we did have loads of creativity, we did have wings of imagination to fly with, but what we lacked was a long term, well crafted, well guided road map, to be able to have watered these plants into a fully grown tree.

Fortunately, in the world, less demanding, most of us got settled into our respective lives, trying to balance out every aspect of being a responsible citizen, a responsible human.

But somewhere down within, we always carried the light of unfinished dreams. We never missed an opportunity to re-live those dreams with our eyes closed. Little did we know & anticipate the speed of passing times. And the rapidly changing times with increasingly clearer global view, struck a realization of having missed few of the opportunities, few precious years, of our times, by not able to risk our comfort zones.

By then we already had the gen-next, our children, the young brigade gazing towards us, being responsible for them. This did not seem like the time for us to turn back, trying to run in the pursuit to achieve & grab those unfinished dreams, to fulfill. Not only are we responsible & accountable towards our present duties but are also expected to be the architect of the life of our children, whom we wouldn’t like to get imprisoned into a close restricted world. Well aware of this, we being not able to carry the weight of our own dreams & desires, and in order not to lose sight of them, put them onto the shoulders of our children, the Gen-Next. And here begins the conflict. The frustration of our under-achievement gets reflected in our expectations from our children. We fight our lives out, trying to make them convinced about what’s right & what’s wrong for them, purely from our point of view based on our experiences. We enter into debates & arguments, resulting in bitterness, for not being able to penetrate through the wall of resistance. Most of the times, what we perceive as a resistance, is merely, trying to dent into the wall of our own expectations. In being biased with our self view point, we fail to understand & touch their psyche. As I said earlier, everyone is unique in their own way, in the way one puts use of their senses to experience the world around them. No one can live the experience of the other and thus can’t feel the emotions attached to it with the same frequency, intensity & depth. Today’s generation have, in front of them, a pool of opportunities, choices & options to choose from. They have various medium of access to gather data, analyze them & put them into proper order & perspective to move towards their goal. Unlike us, they are sharper, with much clear goal & vision & have means to achieve the same. Unlike us, they not only dream with their eyes closed but chase them with their eyes open. They are uniquely talented & having high intelligent quotient. They don’t need to be compared with any other brains of their age. What needed is, to assure & ensure them that we are there, with them, for them, any time they need to turn to us for our love. Just this sense of security, belief in self & elevated level of self confidence would make them fly over oceans in their full strength, rhythm & harmony.

This mutual harmony would save you lots of your time & energy, at home & at work, to be able to pursue your desires & wishes justifying the notion that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life….”

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