The “Mid-life” in a person’s life tenure ideally used to be the age within the range, 45-60.

But, in recent times, the lower side of the benchmark has slid further down. It starts showing signs from 35, which is a very unfortunate scenario.

Whatever the reasons or causes we arrive at or contribute to this massive change which is happening, the resultant outcome is a “confused” state of affair, for one & all.

Most of the thoughts, ideas, concepts or planning, do not hold good even for a very short period of time. And some even do not see light of the next day.

Most of the action plans, probably meeting with either temporary successes or failures, are actually jumped into, on sheer intuition, optimism or self- gut instincts.

The accumulation of data and eventual analysing, doesn’t offer a concrete, sure-shot, guaranteed outcome.

Please note, here the words Data & Analysis are purely Non-Business & Non-commercial aspect of life, which otherwise of course has to run on certain technical parameters, formulas and equations to arrive at suitable course of action.

Here we are talking about an average thought-driven mid-age human, possessing basic intellect. The one, who already did spend a good amount of years (almost a decade and half back), on his academic grooming up & getting trained in various other faculties. And now, He or She has a life to sustain with basic comforts, which is driven by the requirements of family, work, health & travel.

They are into their new-range Mid-Life now.


  • The level of inertia has increased. The aspirations are dying dormant death.
  • The sense of insecurity & thus the fear has creeped in. Fear of losing what’s gathered & conserved over the years is more evident.
  • The trust deficit, even within old relationships and acquaintances has widen. To survive or grow at any cost has pushed most into extremities of principally non-suitable and non-acceptable actions.
  • The overall social, economic & political environment is getting spoiled world-wide. Every new day offers more of the uncertain & unpredictable situations to deal with.
  • Although, access to every person or a product or a piece of information has increased & has become more convenient, it has it’s positive and not so positive sides. Most of the times, which I have been mentioning time & again, the ideas before it mobilises into initiatives, die pre-mature death on such social media platforms.
  • The apprehension & the doubt, about taking a foot forward, getting into action, is prevalent amongst the masses.
  • The NO(es) & CAN’T(s) are being backed up with smartly framed excuses. A lame effort is put to justify every such step of moving away from the probable greater possibility.

Before we get into or try to find out a cure to such negativity ruling our conscious, especially during Mid-life, it was important & necessary to list out these vulnerabilities & understand the same from third person perspective.

Passing through such Mid-Life situations are not uncommon.

So take a breather. You are not an exception.

Every one of us, passes through such confusions & fear(s), once in a while for a shorter or a bit longer times. But it’s important to first accept & acknowledge the deficiencies which are getting stored within our minds, eventually becoming our mind-set, a habit which tries to destabilize our intrinsic stronger self.

Once we see & spot the short-comings which are created due to the same, we are ready to face them head-on.

  1. The most important thing is to desist getting into inert inertia mode.
  2. The finger-tip access of information through tens and hundreds of social media portals, must be made to go through the test of actual action.
  3. In English grammar we use the term “gerund”. Wherein verbs like, “know” or “do” are made to function as “Noun” by adding “ing” to these verbs. So one must get into the process of knowing, doing, finding, executing, implementing etc. etc. so as to convert these prospective actions, into real actions on the ground.
  4. What we are missing is real action. A real experience. We need to come out of the dream world of store house of gathered information. And try verifying, converting them into real knowledge, acting on the same to achieve desired goal, to reach desired destination. This is what is going to count. This is what is going to move us ahead, make us progress.
  5. The self-confidence can only be built, once we decide and try something by our own self. The success & failures are just the relative labels given by the people on the shore, who do not want to get wet into the waters of the ocean.
  6. Every decision taken today, every action done today is going to be your most precious treasure, when you shall have nothing around you, but just “memories”. Only the things you have done with your own hands, with your own minds, with your instincts, with you own judgements are going to make you proud.
  7. Of course, few of the plans & actions do need being in a Team, to work as a Team. But one needs to shine brightly in the team by taking on responsibilities on their shoulders and not avoiding or moving away from it. This in itself is an action which is driven by self-conviction.
  8. Rather than spending time on the social media platforms by forwarding & posting stories and messages and getting amazed by them, why not we try to be “the story” ourselves? And not become those, who like to enjoy the snow-peak mountain without having the feel of snow in their hands, who gets happier to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset from the photo-shopped images, rather than walking an extra mile to experience the same with their own eyes.
  9. The palm-top gadgets are just a mere source of convenient communication. Those shouldn’t be taking away life out of your limbs. Such a state can be better explained being similar to semi-conscious paralytic state. When you are deep immersed inside your 3×5 gadgets, your brain doesn’t allow your limbs to move & respond to real life calls.
  10. Last but not the least, the way we have experienced our child-hood times of lovely memories which still brings tears of joy, evolving into our adult-hood, building life-long friends, & getting into beautiful relationships filled with fresh zeal to perform, to act; eventually had to pave way to the next. Likewise, the “Mid-life” phase is eventually poised to make way for something new, something higher, and may be something more beautiful.

Let’s make this “Mid-life” just a notion of subject matter interest & pull ourselves out of it’s clutches.

Why not make it one of the most beautiful times of our life, as this is the only period, where knowledge meets maturity, passion meets patience, love meets respect, craving for money becomes creating wealth, insanity meets common sense and it’s the only phase which bridges our past and the future, together.

Let’s learn to swim over these turbulent waters and surf through the same, rather than struggling to keep ourselves afloat.


By – Sanjay Jogani

16th September-2017

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