My Home…

My Home!!
Just a thought of these two words or just a mere utterance, brings such a wonderful feeling in one’s heart. A feeling of ownership, feel of being connected to something which is so safe, so sweet & so much a part of our own physical existence.

Every corner of my home has a story.

It’s alive.

It’s beyond & above the mere forging of Cement & the bricks.

In such a place when one is surrounded by happy, smiling faces of the people, the family; it pours life into every small space between these walls.

The first light of the day is experienced from on the bed, in “the Bed-room”, which is tranquil, cozy and have everything which gives the body and the mind much needed rest for the night. The soft morning light through the window curtains along with early chirping of the birds from over the branches of the tree just touching window, gives me enough energy and positivity to step out of the bed.

And the life starts.

Stepping into the living room and the sight of neatly folded, still untouched and unread newspaper with its usual misty feel and the sweet fragrance is enough to pull me towards it. This space of the home wakes me up for the real world about to begin. The soft, slow morning breeze swaying the leaves of the plant pots on my window, and the early morning playing of old Hindi melodies on my favourite radio channel is enough to add much needed flavour to my reading and enliven “My Living room”.

A little while later, the noise of the steel vessels from the kitchen, transferring of some freshly cooked delicacies on the dining table, calls me to get up and settle on my space for the first meal of the day, my breakfast, on “The Dining Table”. And gradually all d other members of the family, after getting through with their morning chores, settles down on their regular places. Me, my wife, my parents, my daughter & my son, getting into a little chit-chat over the breakfast, quickly going through each other’s plans & priorities for the day, exchanging pleasantries, some smiles, some grins and thus bringing this 8×8 space into life for few minutes. So this space is very special to me.

The best time of the day for me is the time of the early evening. I prefer to be back home at around twilight, getting into “The Kids Room”, and occupy the space on the swing with a cup of hot steaming tea, overlooking the scene outside my window. These 30 minutes or so, sums up my entire day, my thoughts and paves way to enhanced positive outlook on everything which I am doing and I must do. This time and space is “my time’, generally not interfered with any other intrusion. I have my most interesting thoughts being generated on this swing. Most of my plans are framed, flowcharted and being put into virtual action here in this room, in this space, “On the Swing in my Kids room”.

The last meal of the day, sees us all back on “The Dining Table”, meeting each other again after a gap of 10 to 11 hours. This space, which no doubt, in recent highly demanding and technically highly absorbing world, is the only common physical binding space, which keeps us all tied up firmly with each other and with the roots. This relieves the stress and physical & mental exhaustion of the day, if any. In the current times, dining together, I feel is one of the best and the healthiest act or an option which shall carry an Indian legacy, culture and tradition of living together for the times to come. The only place where the family members of 3 or 4 generations could exchange, share, listen and understand what’s really is very precious. So this space has immense importance for me as a person, as a family member.

An hour or so with the kids, post dinner, in their room has become a usual regular phenomena. This is especially as me and my wife are not pro-tv types and in fact love to spend time chatting or going for a drive in the late evenings. This space of my home, the Kid’s room, is where the innocence of my family breathes. The future of my family is getting prepared here in this space. An hour or so with them, almost every alternate day, results in sharing of their personal matters, queries and confusions which are discussed and solution is arrived at. In this space the aspirations and ambitions are at its peak. The emotions are extremes. I love this space and time for myself, as I come face to face with many surprises, creative discussions and debating, shouts, cries and hearty laughs, and these all is necessary and a must pass through, as it belongs to the them whose generation is going to steer and rule the world soon.

The night time bed calls me at its time and reading is more of a must-to-do routine, a habit for at least 30 minutes before I call it a day myself.

Again the cool breeze of the silence outside, an instrumental playing on my DVD player in the back ground, and a few very inspiring & eye opener articles in my read, allows me to be finally home, at complete rest; before it wakes me up with the smile next morning.


Sanjay Jogani  I 2nd October’2016


1 thought on “My Home…

  1. Namrita Shah

    This blog of urs actually tends to mke one realise that life is really beautiful watever the stress or pressure one is passing thru . It gve s them a chance to see life once again from a positive angle . It’s written so beautifully that it mks me also think is life really so Gd as it’s mentioned ??? Hve never sat n thought abt it as always it’s like getting up in the morning wid the alarm kept beside the bed n the mind is in a rush to send kids to Scl n then finish the household chores . Even hvnt given any imp to the first food of the morning 😀it’s like just Hve it for the sake of having n continue wid the daily routine … as if Hve to catch some flight 😬😬I think it’s all the matter of mind , how it is set n how it is trained . Always just trying to find free Tm n nt realising the value of each second as free Tm is normally to sit n relax . The priority being completing all the things so that can Hve Tm doin nothing Wich in one way seems like wasting . I do understand that n yes finding Tm to attend the yoga sessions where our mind is connected to spirituality. … just love those topics of discussion .. life is just running at a very fast pace n every day something new turns up Wich needs to be done as if there is so much to do n then again same old routine at night just behind kids to go to slp n be fresh for the next day .In between I do Hve Tm to Spk to them n listen to them but it’s mostly abt their homeworks n exams . Ya Sumtms it’s constructive talks also that we exchange wid them relating to their attitude wid others n how things shld be for them . I feel all wants to Hve a positive attitude towards life but one criticism, one negative outburst , one degradation ruins or almost crushes all the positive feeling related to people n surroundings . But Now after reading ur blog it seems as if one shld enjoy each n every moment in life as life is very short .. it’s not so easy as it seems or rather as u saying but one shld atleast try n achieve atleast some percent of wAt u said n that will be their victory 😀


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