If we wake up healthy in the morning, can feel the warmth of the SUN, can hear the sound of the life around us, can think, decide & plan our times; then, its certainly the biggest reason for us to feel lucky about, smile about  & THANK GOD for everything, we are & we have today !!!

Let’s say “Thanks” to at least one person today & every day, who is the reason for our smile. 🙂

1 thought on “THANK GOD !!

  1. bhavit shah

    dear sanjay
    if we can understand a basic fact that after good night sleep when we wake up in morning to find our self healthy and fit to move on… It is because of GOD,just think thousands would have not been able to wake up from that sleep.
    Secondly when we can hear or see morning sun and its beautiful rays that brings all those seemingly non existent things to life, it is he grace of all mighty GOD..


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