The first CRUSH !!

“Relationships………….. Crush, infatuation, attraction…….!!!!”

As mentioned in my first article on “Relationships” (refer # my blog posting of 7th May’2010); there are different facets of the phenomenon called “Relationships”. Like Liquid it doesn’t have a specific color or shape. It keeps molding itself into different dimensions depending on the subject vessel.
I personally feel & believe, that the first ever self realization of existence of relationship is –
“the crush, the infatuation, the attraction…. towards somebody”.
Although, as soon as we step into this world, we, by default, establish many relationships –theoretically. Such as that of the son, the daughter, the mom, the dad, the brother, the sister… so on & so forth. But these relationships are not the self-realization within us. They r there, we believe, because they are suppose to be. (In a way, we can say, we take those connections as granted.).
But, the first ever pull, the very first awareness about really getting connected with somebody, somehow; is the first realization of giving name & dimension to the phenomena. This is that phase of our upbringing during which, unwarned, we get ourselves attracted towards a particular personality. Just a smile or the looks, few words or actions, intelligence, smart appearances, talent……… can be anything. But the truth is, it does excites & imbalances the physiological balance within us. This may be the time, we start understanding “what does skipping a heart beat means ?”. This may be the time that we feel a strong urge of being with that person most of the time, keep thinking about him/her or just keep looking, staring at them. In any case, we realize that, we are into the process of establishing “a Relationship”.
This facet of relationship, radiates the glow of innocence & sweetness of kind. It’s a relationship one feels he or she is into, but without being actually bothered or limited by any real time commitment, promises & vows.
It just exists.
It just blossoms.
It just shines.
It makes the heart happy.
It doesn’t seek any endorsement.
It’s just felt.
It’s the only type of relationship in which one feels so much related to the other person, without actually being related at all.
I feel, this experience of life, is the foundation of every other relationships we build during our journey of life. This is true, as it helps one understand the “why” of a relationship. It makes us aware about the changes we go through, the different moods we emote, the peculiar kind of acts and the responses we react with.
One interesting thing about this part of a relationship is , that it’s not only the first ever self realization of a relationship, but it keeps up with the age & gets cornered in the heart and keeps surfacing with the same fresh intensity & urge, at times, irrespective of a person’s biological clock. Implies, that this facet of relationship never gets old enough to be just stored as “memory”. It remains ever fresh & ever vulnerable.
However strongly we live on or manage our important relationships in life, this face of the relationship remains as innocent & as sweet as ever. It keeps popping up every now and then, irrespective of however strongly willed a person may be….
Hope this brings smiles to your lips and helps you to remember those lovely first time crushes………!!

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