The Purpose

There are times in our lives, when few things don’t turn up the way we would like them to.
Few events are very sudden and not to that of our likings.
Few losses r unbearable and can never be compensated with anything else.

But then, there is a realisation, which is being given by THE GOD above…
He says: I sent you in this world as a completely detached individual with your own exclusive identity.

We have been sent here, in this universe, for a purpose.
The purpose to make full use of the years allotted to us.
The purpose to keep thinking & doing something, to make this world a better place to live, for the people who will come after us.
The purpose to be a support to the people who look towards us for help, love & care.
The purpose to devote our self to the good of every life which is around us and connected to us.
The purpose to gain & earn absolute knowledge whatever we can, by the way of learning from elders & gurus.

We have our own seperate identity. We meet beautiful, wonderful people in this journey of life.
On the way, either we leave them or they leave us. But the real purpose of our lives, should never be lost.
We have full right to cry and feel bad, but then there is a time, there is a moment; when we need to recollect ourselves, brush off our tears, look around, get up and get back to the job for which we are here.

The sooner we decide to gather up our own self, better its for our own life and also for people who are looking at us with great hopes.

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