The push-pull of life

In the journey of passing through the life, we are being lured with many temptations. Some good, some bad. There are times when you can’t judge what’s right & what’s wrong for you. You tend to move on with the flow, the pull of the events, the pull of the people around you. But as we know & understand, nothing lasts forever. The experiences you have passed through, the actions you have taken, the behaviour you have conducted; seem to be standing at crossroads with your own self. You regret  some , you embrace some , and you smile at some. The ones who create a sad feeling in within you are the ones which remain as ghost images and follow you like a shadow.

It’s important to release these threads, the bindings, by making truce with the people, the events, the actions attached with such emotions. Unless you can make yourself completely detached & feel pleasantly released, you may not experience & live your life with the same passion, zeal & strongly positive emotions. The only way to break out of such negative formations, is to enter into mutually pardonable situations & make peace with the people, events & actions; responsible for such formations.

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