The word of just 5 letters. But having immense potential to immobilize the entire human activities.

Don’t we keep using this word frequently in our day to day lives?

Without actually realizing the exact importance of this term, in depth, and in all honesty of execution, we keep referring & re-iterating it again and again.

During our entire life term, every breathing time-space moment, we depend purely on this inevitable support system created by us from this word “Trust”.

This word possesses an unseen energy. Every time the word “Trust” is used and uttered, the potential latent energy converts itself into dynamic energy which can be seen in the resulting outcome of the action it was intended for.

Every living being has a common-ness, a common root. The original texture from where it is connected to its origin is exactly the same. Eternally pure, original and complete.

Through the passage and transition through different forms of lives, every living being by their thoughts and actions, kept on accumulating and creating different layers on their this original self and thus kept on moving away from each other in terms of resultant differentiation of proportion of such accumulation by each of them. But somehow, somewhere all still carry the same original root, where if returned, or in other words, where if reached, shall again re-identify all as one, eternally pure and original.

I feel, this mention and understanding of this original self, is very important to be considered to begin with, as the very essence of the subject (trust) is critically and explicitly connected to this basic understanding.

Because of this common thread, we always, many a times, feel an instant bond.

A connection.

And this may can be under various expressions and forms of likes, dislikes, love, hate etc. controlled and executed at different densities and intensities.

Why is this instant connection? We may well can say that it’s nothing but the common link of “one-ness”, which we just talked about.

Since ages beyond the traceable times, the nature has maintained it’s integral deliverance in such a pronounced unalterable consistent manner that we, the human beings, take vows on it’s timely presence & execution. It is “The Trust” we put on something, which is neither created by nor can be controlled by us. But even then, WE TRUST. That’s what we have ever since seen, learnt and experienced.

Focussing strongly on human behaviours only, on the matters of trust, is my main objective and purpose for this sharing.

It’s us, as humans, have diluted the very essence of this attribute by using it mostly to serve our selfish interests and motives. In the process we forget and never realize that “Trust” is the basic element which is woven within the fabric. It’s already there. It’s already present. Neither there should be an effort to earn it nor to be asked for and thrust upon to enhance responsibility.

Without being an able and rightful owner or possessor the required ingredient within our own self, we keep putting on & asking for trust from each and every person we come across in our lives so that he/she behaves and acts in the manner we like. The way we want. And thus, any displacement in our thus created beliefs and expectation system, is taken as “betrayal”.

Before a life takes birth, we put trust on the doctor and his ability to bring the new born safe and healthy in this world.

In the next following years we put trust again in doctors and his expertise to keep providing healthy solution for our children.

Then comes the teachers who would provide much needed nourishment in the form of education, gets our trust.

We put trust on the group of friends eventually our child gathers during the passage of his passing through these years.

We, by default, come across so many strangers in people and various such never before known agencies that our trust keeps getting spread on every possible decision of ours, eventually hoping to get our work done, successfully, the way we would want.

We keep getting into different kind of relationships may it be personal, social, commercial or spiritual. Our constant need to feed and satisfy ourselves with material accomplishments allows us to exercise putting of trust so simply, conveniently and easily, on everything. On everybody.

Did we ever realize how & why this practice of putting on trust on anything and everything comes so easily, simply and conveniently to us?

The problem doesn’t arise by putting in trust on something or someone. But it raises it’s head when something doesn’t work out or there is a deviation contrary to your acceptance, because of the same.

We know “Childhood” as the nearest to the purest form of human existence. During this phase, putting in trust and believing in everything comes so naturally to the child. This is because it’s woven within his own self. But the eventual growing up and tendencies of executing “trust” on every drop of word, may eventually lead to the experiences of disappointments within him. We have learnt the same by our peers and we make our children learn the same in return.

So it’s us who keep proving ourselves wrong by moving away from the very authentic existence of our pure original self which has “trust” as strong root for the existence of all living beings.

We are made to learn about this and eventually we kept on using it to serve our own self interests. This not only did give rise to disappointments but also gave birth to many other evils within one’s own self such as anger, jealousy, doubt, revenge etc. And ultimately paved way for creation of so many other wrong belief systems within the systems, only to lose our original identity, as being one.

So by putting in trust to gain material benefits and serve similar purposes in the world we reside in, we are just trying to make it convenient and justify the outcomes at every levels. Because, mostly it’s dependent on the third party, it ultimately creates chaos in the world system we exist.

I believe and understand “trust” as something which is carried, by default, within our original existence. It’s a strong root, and a very important platform, which gets matured & intensified as “faith” in the path to our final destination, the only destination, wherein we do not need to gather or in other words are not asked to, supposed to or required to gather more birth experiences.

Under such extremely pure belief conditions and by experiencing a strong transition from “trust” to “faith” we try to re-gain our original identity. And as because this time it’s only us, our own original selves to be excelled upon and improved upon, there is no sense of disappointments and betrayal. On the contrary, there is improved efforts every time, on every fall, to attain our final goal.


By – Sanjay Jogani I 28th August’2016.


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